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Digital Product ID

Archeion Digital Product ID is a blockchain-based solution for tracing every stage of wine production, ensuring reliability and security. The platform ensures the quality and authenticity of products, reducing the risks of counterfeiting. Thanks to blockchain tracing, it offers maximum transparency throughout the production chain. ArcID adapts to the needs of producers, allowing for accurate documentation and integrating IoT devices for automated recording and the elimination of manual errors.
Tap & Track
Showcase your wines with blockchain verification. Provide details like origin, grapes, quality, and certificates to your customers.
Get detailed information about your wines' grapes, and the terroirs theuy were grown from.
Track every step of your value chain, check detailed, trusted, and immutable information at product and step level.
Total Compliance

Digital Label

Since 8 December, the Ecolabel Regulation has been in force. With EU Regulation 2021/2117, wines and aromatised wine products produced after 8 December 2023 must be accompanied by a nutrition declaration and a list of ingredients, which can be presented in printed form or as a 'digital label' via a QR code on the label. The registration of this data, made on blockchain, is the first step towards complete traceability of the supply chain.
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Customise the processes according to the needs of your production chain
Record the information and processes that make your product unique

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Regulatory Framework

The roadmap outlined by the European Union for the circular economy aims to tackle challenges related to counterfeit goods and fraud, while also standardizing access to data. The European Commission has identified the Digital Product Passport (DPP) as the solution specifically designed to meet these requirements

Suitable for small and large enterprises

The EU Roadmap for the Circular Economy addresses issues such as counterfeiting and fraud while simplifying access to data. The European Commission has identified the Digital Product Passport (DPP) as the solution to meet these needs. Archeion offers different levels of access to digital solutions adapted to the complexities of the production chain and the various sizes of companies.
Digital Label
▸ EU law compliant
▸ State law compliant
▸ Available in any language
▸ Unlimited labels
€500 + VAT per Year
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