About us

our mission

Shaping the future
through innovation

To bring the advantages of technology innovation at the service of our customers.

Archeion’s team is fully committed to maintaining its competitive advantage in the industry by providing the most innovative and effective services to its customers. This commitment to excellence is aimed at delivering tangible value, enabling customers to prosper in the ever-evolving business landscape.

our vision

Revolutionizing performance 
with technological mastery

To elevate our customers' organizational, processes, products, and services with cutting-edge technology.

Harness the power of meticulous analysis, relentless monitoring, flawless traceability and innovative representations of digital data, in order to bring add values to work. Reshaping how businesses contribute to the economy and enrich people's lives, fostering a thriving community at the heart of our efforts.

who we are

Our story

Archeion emerged in 2021 the brainchild of an energetic team of researchers from the University of Bologna's Computer Science Department, positioning itself at the forefront of blockchain and artificial intelligence innovation.

Archeion combines genuine enthusiasm for advanced technological research with a concrete problem-solving mindset, devoted to crafting innovative solutions that bring high added values to our customers.
Innovation, reliability, safety and integrity are our core values.