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industry 4.0

Our technology ensures safety, efficiency, and traceability in all automated production processes.
Each phase, from raw material to finished product, is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational optimization. 
Our certification is a reliable foundation for digital transformation, integrating innovations like AI, IoT, and cloud computing, enhancing the competitiveness and performance of companies in an ever-evolving market.


Archeion's technological solutions provide the necessary transparency and security to supply chains.
Every movement of goods is tracked on blockchain, certifying origin, quality, and transportation conditions. We innovate in shipping management, minimizing the risk of loss or damage to goods. We improve efficiency in inventory and delivery planning, ensuring greater reliability and punctuality in logistics operations.

art market

We offer tailor-made solutions for the art market, ensuring authenticity, provenance, and ownership. The entire lifecycle of the artwork, from creation to sale, is certified on the blockchain, attesting to the artist's identity, history, and value. We facilitate transactions and auctions thanks to the trust created by our technology. We simplify the processes of art institutions, protecting our cultural heritage from forgeries and theft.

smart agricolute and food

Archeion ensures quality, safety, and sustainability in the agricultural and food sectors.
Every step in the agri-food chain is certified on blockchain, guaranteeing origin, composition, and production practices. We enhance the unique characteristics of products, raw materials, and production processes, offering consumers trust and traceability. Our technology highlights excellence and showcases those who respect the environment.



Archeion's certification for fashion is a symbol of quality, originality, and ethical production.

The history of each garment, from raw material to finished product, is traced on the blockchain, certifying origin, composition, and working conditions. We value fashion brands, offering security and traceability to customers. Thanks to our technology, companies can showcase the uniqueness of their creative journey and their environmental and social responsibility to the end customer.


Our Supply Chain certification monitors transparency, efficiency, and resilience in supply chains.

Every transaction, from order request to delivery, is certified on blockchain, attesting to origin, quality, and timing. We optimize and innovate supply chains, offering greater collaboration and traceability to partners. With our technology, companies reduce risks, costs, and delivery times, improving customer satisfaction and competitiveness.


Every piece of information, from consent to treatment, is recorded on blockchain, certifying origin, integrity, and confidentiality.
We provide an innovative solution for managing health data, allowing patients and healthcare professionals to share data securely and transparently to facilitate diagnosis and prevention, contributing to the improvement of patient health care and the performance of the healthcare system.

energy sustainability

Archeion guarantees safety, efficiency, and sustainability in energy systems with dedicated certification.
Every data point, from production to consumption, is certified on blockchain, attesting to the origin, quantity, and quality of energy. Our innovative solution for the energy transition allows companies to manage electrical networks efficiently and transparently, promoting renewable sources, savings, and reduction of CO2 emissions for the benefit of the community.

legal compliance

Archeion reduces the complexity of legal processes, ensuring compliance, validity, and security of legal documents.
Every signed document is stored on blockchain, certifying the identity of the parties, content, and date. Our innovative solution for managing legal documents simplifies and automates processes, reducing time and costs, preventing disputes and violations.